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The African Diplomacy Project (TADP) under the umbrella of GAAMG aims at being a distinguished African press group.  It features the community of African diplomats as well as businesses, agencies, and institutions that interact with African countries and the African Diaspora around the globe.

 The objectives of TADP are:

  1. We seek to be the mirror of the African diplomacy and a tool to improve the image of Africa.
  2. We plan to echo the actions of African diplomatic representations, public advocacy groups’ diplomacy, International institutions, world powers’ foreign policy with regard to Africa, as well as the social business efforts in Africa.
  3. We strive to aim at contributing to the formation of authentic development of Africa as well as help the continent to have a growing voice in international affairs.
  4. We desire to shed light upon those anonymous heroes who thrive to keep the flame of hope alive in Africa
  5. Lastly, we intend to contribute to the consolidation of business ties among Africans, between Africa and its Diaspora, and Africa and the world.
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