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DRC: Jambo, the fresh fruit juice 100% Congolese

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Frederick and Laurent-Muhashirwa Noterman were convinced that the fruits of their country were golden and had a different fate than to rot on the ground. Almost two years after the birth of Jambo, it is popular with prestigious customers.

Frederic Muhashirwa-Noterman in Kinshasa pulls at the Grand Hotel, one of shirt sleeves. A White polo shirt and matching black jeans with sneakers, he heads to the gym with a heavy ice green apple. Smiling and teasing, he welcomes the two young women in his home as he opens the fridge and takes out about twenty bottles of Jambo, his pioneering brand of fresh juice 100% made in the DRC. Nutritionally, it is high in vitamins: pineapple, grapefruit, lemon and maracuja, also known as the passion fruit.

It was time. The room has been suffering from a shortage of stock for several days, but no employee has notified Frederick. "It was a client who called me to warn me that there was no more juice ..." says the Belgian-Congolese Mulatto, 29, born in the province of North Kivu, in the former Belgian colony. A regular does not hide his relief. "I consume it every day, and today I was a little upset because there was none! , "Says Christian Yumbi, manager of a hotel-spa just meters from the Grand Hotel.

In the second home refrigerator, there are bottles of tropical flavored soft drinks. "I prefer Jambo because it is more natural and I am an avid consumer of organic foods" said the businessman with impressive biceps. He drinks at each session up to three bottles of one pint, sold for 3,500 Congolese francs (about $ 3) each. "The quality justifies the price,' he says. His weakness: passion fruit flavors, most popular, and hibiscus, hibiscus based and popular in West Africa.

"When I have one pump here, I take a passion fruit juice or pineapple," said Gloria. "Grapefruit, I tried it once but I was not hooked. It is not for someone who wants to lose weight, "Jokes the customer responsible for the gym. Also dietician, she adds that the juice Jambo (hello in Swahili) is an "effective rescuer for the body after intense physical exertion."

Jambo, the adventure began in late 2010 in an apartment in Kinshasa before being relocated to a workshop. "My brother is the basis of the project, but I think I'm the one who gave to it the first breath of life, said Lawrence, 33. After spending several months in the Congo with my father where he had laid the first stone, he returned to Belgium and has not really acted upon. "Training in" corporate self "later, Frederic arises in the DRC. Back to basics: this is where the two brothers were born ...

The binomial is motivated. "The idea to highlight other resources and riches of the Congo", which is full of such precious minerals, is "really a very exciting project and noble," says Lawrence. "The passion fruits that I buy here are passion fruits that people pick up, the sector is not structured. It's a shame, it is gold that rots on the ground! "His revolt is also emotional. The passion fruit is her Madeleine de Proust. "I remember when I was little, in the east, they drank it a lot ..."

Jambo - which now employs four people full time, including two dedicated to the production - sells an average of 1,500 liters per month to five dollars each. His goal for 2012: 112,500 dollars, more than double the revenue of the year of launch. The main customers, all in Kinshasa, are the Grand Hotel, the Memling, some supermarkets, Belgian school canteens and the UN Mission for the stabilization of the DRC (Monusco).

Not forgetting the two New Pastry, conquered from the start. "We control every day from 8 to 10 bottles, says Connie, an employee. With us, people like the passion fruit juice, orange and hibiscus. And they are both children and adults who drink it for breakfast or lunch. "Barometer of success: the company originally sold a bottle for 3.5 dollars against nearly 7 now.

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